Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m a software developer currently working in the social networking/media space. It’s a very exciting time and there are some great projects coming in. The last time it was this exciting was around the beginning of 2000 when I was working in the ecommerce arena.

I’m also an internet consultant/entrepreneur having started my own web design/consultancy business (http://www.thewebsiteshop.co.uk) in 2005, the day to day running of which I handed over to my wife a year or so ago, and I also own a number of other internet business related assets although I’m far from hitting the jackpot with any of them (yet!).

It’s about time I started blogging about my activities. I’ve started blogs before but mostly to generate income through the ads and I tend to run out of ideas quickly because I’m not blogging about my own activities, so this time I’m doing it properly – not for the money but simply because I love doing what I do, I read an awful lot about it and a blog is a useful sounding board for the dissemination and discussion of my ideas.

In particular I’ve been working on the initial concept of a social mapping tool, that kind of melds the social networking paradigm with the fantastic new breed of geo-spatial/mapping tools from the big-players, but within a particular context. So, as I work through this I’ll air my thoughts and ideas through this blog mostly for my own benefit, but if they inspire others to join the discussion then I would not only be delighted but very flattered.

So as not to make this blog completely techie-related (my Mum might want to see what I’m up to!) I’ll be including some observations from the colourful and creative Soho district of London, where I am based as well as any personal anecdotes about my life as an exceptionally busy father of 2 very young boys (with a little girl due in September!).

I very much hope that somebody out there finds something of value in my blog and should that be the case then I shall regard the endeavour as having surpassed my own expectations.

Once again, thanks for stopping by, please feel free to join in the discussion if you have an opinion.

Best Wishes,



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