A useful resource?

I came across this and thought it might provide a useful resource, especially โ€œThe reference section includes a growing library of test cases for checking cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.โ€


I recently got stung by a cross-browser compatibility issue and had to roll back my changes (ouch!) so Iโ€™d be interested to know if/how anybody makes use of those test cases, as well as just the library in general.


Another commitment

As if I haven’t got enough to keep me exceptionally busy, I’ve now decided that I should start blogging.

Well I was kind of blogging anyway (if you count around 5 or 6 articles over the space of about 18 months entirely devoted to generating adsense revenue, the outcome of which was one of those “I can’t be arsed” type of lethargies after I made only $7) but this time I’m doing it for real and by that I mean I’m not in it for the readies, I’m just talking about what I love doing which, fortunately enough is also what I do for a living.

But wait, before you withdraw muttering about “another techie blog” , didn’t you notice the title? Well, the point is that although I shall indeed use my blog to post about my software development activities, there shall also be some (hopefully) interesting tidbits about my observations in and around the colourful and creative Soho area in the West End of London, where I am based, anecdotes about life in general and possibly some shockingly revealing insights into what it is like to be me (well, what it is like to be an extremely busy Dad, anyway!).

So lets hope that somehow, somewhere out there, somebody might just stumble across my blog and take a smidgin of pleasure out of reading what I have to say. If that does indeed happen, then I shall be delighted to count this endeavour as having been worthwhile.


P ๐Ÿ™‚